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DisplayJS is a simple framework that helps you to efficiently render the DOM. When you need to display the content of a variable on the page, you'll write something like this, if you're using jQuery:

When you just have one or two variable to display, it's fine to use this method, but when you have like 20 or 30 variables to display, it become a big mess. That's why I created DisplayJS

Now, you can simply use the Display JS method:

Ok, for only 1 variable it's a little bit longer, but when you have multiple things to render at the same time, this is where Display JS is strong.

Focus on your variables!

When you're creating huge UI, you'll have to render at the same time tons of variables, and let's be honest, that's not very optimized to write 100 lines of code with almost the same purpose. DisplayJS is made for that, you just have to indicate where to render those variables by an attribute in the HTML code. This means that you can focus on the content, not on the way it will be displayed.

What's the difference from other frameworks

When I had the idea of DisplayJS, I thought that it was useless because frameworks such as Vue.js or React does the same thing (they are all made for building UI) and they have tons of other features, but when I tried to use those frameworks, I realized that they weren't intuitive and they are all quite heavy (they weight all about ~ 100kb). DisplayJS was created to have the simplicity of jQuery, but with the power of Vue.js, React, Angular, etc... and also with a very small size.

You don't need jQuery

Ok, I know, jQuery is fantastic! But, you don't always need it for a lot of things. The most important concepts are in Display JS, so, you'll have less troubles learning DisplayJS, because it syntax is user friendly.

Math Powered

DisplayJS includes some super useful functions about Math, Array manipulation, and even dataset prediction! If DisplayJS is including these function, it's because we want that you only need 1 single framework to do everything. We don't want you to use DisplayJS, jQuery, Lodash, or other Library when you don't need them (but you can still use them if you really need to (math.js, moment.js, etc...))


If you were disappointed with Vue.js, React, etc... If you want something super simple to build UI, just try DisplayJS! We hope you'll choose DisplayJS next time you do something great!

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Some examples:

Input manipulation demo:

See the Pen Morse code by Arthur Guiot (@arguiot) on CodePen.

Live rendering demo:

See the Pen DisplayJS Clock by Arthur Guiot (@arguiot) on CodePen.

Math demo:

See the Pen DisplayJS - Example 3 by Arthur Guiot (@arguiot) on CodePen.

And, DisplayJS is more than that! If you already like this, you can definitely read the docs!